We are a boutique web development agency in Pretoria, South Africa.

Blue Angel is a small and agile web development agency founded in 2011. We develop websites using the LAMP stack, with our main areas of expertise in the CakePHP framework, the WordPress content management and blogging platform, the MySQL database platform, the jQuery Javascript framework, and HTML/CSS front-end development. We have over 18 years’ experience on the web, and over two decades of programming experience across various platforms and languages. Our portfolio includes websites with content management and e-commerce capabilities, blogs, web applications and brochure sites for clients across South Africa, Namibia and Australia.

Our core competencies

CakePHP Development
Front-End Development
WordPress Development
User Experience Design
Web Design

Our core values

We believe in treating our clients with integrity, honesty, transparency, and clear communication from day one. We inject effort and passion into every project we undertake. We believe if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Our philosophy is to continually deepen our knowledge of specific technology stacks and mastering them. This enables us to deliver expert work and solve any and all challenges that may arise on any given project.

Our development approach

We manage all our projects in Springloops – a project management and source code version control application. All source code is under version control in either SVN or Git. During development, our clients have access to their own staging/preview area where they can review and test site changes as they are implemented. Nothing is deployed to the production environment without client approval.

We work with companies, agencies and designers.

With our main focus on development, we are perfectly positioned to handle both front- and back-end development. Some of the largest South African agencies have entrusted their development work to us. We also gladly work directly for web site owners and companies. In such cases, we outsource the design work to our hand-picked network of designers so that we can focus on development.

Some of the agencies that have trusted us to handle their development work, include:

  • Semantica
  • Muse Brand Studio
  • Forstå
  • Prezence
  • Liquorice
  • Robertson Wade Design Firm
  • Digital Diamonds
  • Hylén Digital
  • Quick Online
  • Ogilvy Interactive

On Time

Projects are often tied to brand and product launches, promotions, events or other immovable deadlines. We strive to complete your project before the due date, to ensure you make your deadline.

On Brief

Too often, there is a divide between what the client asked for and what is delivered. We ask the right questions at the right time, to ensure that we not only build it right, but build the right thing.

On Budget

Because we don’t have the overheads of a large agency, we can deliver exceptional value for money, without compromising on the quality of the work we deliver. You always get our best work.