Blue Angel is a boutique web development agency that delivers on its promise. We deliver on brief, on budget and on time.

CakePHP Development

We have been honing our craft using the CakePHP framework since 2006. With our strong focus on writing maintainable code and proper unit tests, you can rest assured that our CakePHP code is of the highest quality.

WordPress Development

There is a reason why WordPress is the most popular blogging and light CMS platform. It is highly extensible and gives you full control over your HTML and design. Let us set up your small to medium CMS and/or blog just the way you want it, leaving you to focus on your content.


We have been hand-crafting our HTML and CSS since 1999. Every page is lovingly made pixel perfect, and thoroughly tested across all major browsers. All our front-end code validates with the W3C, and at your request your code will comply with Section 508.

Responsive Design

Mobile internet usage is on the rise. In Africa alone, up to 60% of people use mobile phones as their primary or only means to access the web. We build responsive websites that scale and adapt to all screen sizes, ensuring that your site always works well.

Performance Optimization

On the web, page loading time can make the difference between making that sale and the visitor closing the tab and never coming back. We use every trick in the book to optimize image usage, minimize server requests and keep our HTML lean and mean.

JavaScript Development

JavaScript provides the layer of interactivity on your website, be it an image gallery, carousel slider or application logic. We have extensive experience building with jQuery, the #1 Javascript framework on the web.