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How to migrate from Git to SVN

Today I needed to move a project’s source code (preferably with the versioning intact) from a hosted Git-based platform (Atlassian’s Bitbucket in this case) to my own hosted Subversion-based source code platform. After some initial frustration and failure, I finally

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Holy Grail 3 column layout without using float

Yes. You read the post title correctly. It is not a mistake. The technique outlined below exists, and it’s cross-browser compatible (with the obligatory tweak or two for our dear friend Internet Explorer, of course). No more pesky clearing of

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How to do image rollovers in HTML email.

A while back I was asked to do an HTML email with an active state rollover image. At first I thought it was impossible, since we all know it’s impossible. You can’t embed Flash movies or videos in HTML email,

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